Best Antivirus for Amazon Kindle Fire 2023 (Maximum Security)

Security and safety may not be your top priorities when it comes to entertainment gadgets, but given the numerous risks found online and in malicious files, these are now the first priority in your device.

While Kindle Fire tablets are readily available and quite affordable, it’s important to note that the operating system they use, FireOS, is actually a modified and secure version of Android developed by Amazon.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to consider installing antivirus software on your Amazon tablet to enhance your security. But the question is, which Antivirus is reliable to use with Kindle Fire? Well, I’ve done that hard of finding some of those.

I’ve installed and tested these antivirus programs on my Kindle Fire tab, and I’ll share my thoughts about each of them in this guide.

Quick Look At The Best Antivirus for Amazon Kindle Fire

  • TotalAV: Overall Best Antivirus for Kindle
  • Avira: Best Value
  • ESET: A Lot of Protection for the Money
  • Dr.Web: Affordable & Powerful
AntivirusStarting PriceMalware ProtectionVPNExtra FeaturesFree VersionMoney-back Guarantee
TotalAV$19.00 / yearYesYes (Unlimited browsing data)Data breach monitoring, app locker, system optimization toolsYes30 days
ESET$11.13 / yearYesNoAnti-theft tools, phishing and payment protection, network inspection and security auditing toolsYes30 days
Dr.Web$8.48 / yearYesNoSecure firewall, security audit toolsYes48 hours (non-guaranteed)
Avira$59.99/yearYesYesBuilt-in VPN Web Protection App Locker Microphone ProtectionYes60 days

1. TotalAV: Overall Best Option for Kindle Fire

Best Antivirus for Amazon Kindle Fire

Reasons to Consider:

  • Using a 100% detection rate, it successfully removes malware from Kindles.
  • Includes a built-in VPN for increased online safety.
  • Offers reliable online defence against fraudulent websites.
  • Features a data breach scanner to look for passwords that have been compromised.
  • App lock
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days.

For Kindle security, TotalAV is the best antivirus. In addition to having a high malware detection rating. TotalAV comes with a number of security features that give your tablet additional layers of protection.

It also features an easy-to-use Kindle app for beginners that anyone can use. One security scan that looks through all the apps on your devices and lets you know which ones are malicious is included in its Fire OS app.

total av interface

The scan only takes a minute or two to finish. Furthermore, there are no glitches or extra battery drain when using the TotalAV.

Furthermore, there is a Wi-Fi scanning tool integrated into the system that actively seeks out vulnerabilities and potential intruders within your network.

It conducts a thorough scan of your Wi-Fi in under a minute, evaluating its security status.

If any issues are detected, it provides a set of recommendations to bolster your network’s security.


It’s one of the most sensitive antivirus programs that you can install on your Kindle tablet. TotalAV has detected all the malware and threats I’ve thrown in its way. On top of all, you get the best VPN service from TotalAV to watch HD videos or access restricted content on the go.

Overall Score




  • Robust Protection
  • Additional features to enhance system performance
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Protections for 3 devices in the basic plan


  • Some advanced features cost you more
  • Too too many good reviews

2. Avira: Best Value for the Money

Avira antivirus for kindle

Reasons to Consider:

  • Has100% malware detection score, making it ideal for Kindle virus removal.
  • Offers integrated VPN and web protection for increased online security.
  • Has a lockable app locker to protect private apps.
  • Prevents unwanted microphone access, protecting privacy.
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days.

Avira is a reliable antivirus program that you can have for Android or Kindle tablets. It has an extremely simple to install and set-up native app available on the Amazon store.

Furthermore, even when running scans, Avira’s Kindle app is lightweight and never slows down or uses more battery life.

Its virus scanner is quick, finishing in less than a minute. To make sure your Kindle is always safe, you can also easily schedule scans at regular intervals and specify what threats it should look for.

Avira interface

Our testing of Avira’s online security left us quite impressed. It prevented access to any malicious websites through the Silk browser on the Kindle. Moreover, we didn’t encounter any pop malware issues that are common to find these days.

Additionally, the VPN protects your browsing with an extra layer of security by using high-grade AES 256-bit encryption, which also makes sure your Kindle won’t become infected.

Not every Avira plan protects Kindles, unlike TotalAV. To protect your Kindle, you must purchase its $59.99/year Prime plan.

Avira Prime offers good value for money and can protect up to five devices at once, though it’s not the cheapest option.

Best of all, Avira offers a money-back guarantee that lets you try it risk-free for 60 days.


Avira is a complete antivirus program if you want to get rid of any malicious viruses or malware hidden inside your tablet. It comes with a lot of features that you can use to keep your Kindle tablet safe from all cyber threats. Moreover, it doesn’t slow down your device and keeps running in the background without disturbing you.

Overall Score




  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast virus scanning engine
  • A lot of advanced features for maximum protection
  • Doesn’t slow down your device while scanning
  • Great technical support
  • Affordable plans


  • Detects unknown programs as threats most of the time
  • Using the free version can come up with a lot of pop-ups and ads

3. ESET: Tons of Protection


Reasons to Consider:

  • Has a 100% detection rate and can effectively find and eliminate viruses from Kindle devices.
  • Provides anti-phishing protection to keep you safe from risky websites.
  • Offers a network inspector to look for security holes in your network.
  • Finds and deletes applications that show pointless advertisements.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days.

To secure Kindle tablets, ESET offers a number of dependable features. In addition to safeguarding your device, it offers helpful security reports that demonstrate how safe your device actually is and what you can do to make it even safer.

The scan is quick, finishing in less than a minute. Sadly, one drawback of ESET on Kindle devices is that it causes a slight increase in battery drain, something that TotalAV prevents.

interface of NOD ESET

Kindle devices are not protected by ESET’s most affordable Essential Security plan. To safeguard your Kindle, you must purchase either its Advanced Security or Premium Security plans.

Another option that offers trustworthy security at a reasonable price is ESET Mobile Security for Android, however installing it via the Amazon app store is not possible.


ESET has never disappointed us when it comes to cleaning your device from external threats. It makes use of advanced deep scanning algorithms to trace malicious programs in order to quarantine them.

Overall Score




  • Monitors websites, email, and other useful files as well
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Boot Encryption
  • Real-time file scanning


  • The detection rate, while one of the best, still lags behind some competitors

4. Dr.Web Anti-Virus: Best Affordable Pick

Dr.Web Anti-Virus

Reasons to Consider:

  • Instant malware detector.
  • Filter URLs.
  • Counter-theft devices.
  • Safe firewall.
  • Tool for security audits.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus provides robust security auditing and malware protection. While it did take considerably more time compared to ESET or TotalAV, approximately 15 minutes, the malware scanner successfully pinpointed 96% of the malware samples I had deliberately downloaded onto my Fire tablet.

We had control over which apps could access the internet thanks to the secure firewall.

We observed a minor performance boost on the tablet after blocking internet access to a few bloatware apps that are preinstalled on Fire devices, which was pretty neat.

DrWeb interface how it looks

The scanner performs well when it comes to identifying and handling dubious files. Additionally, it is customizable; you can select which folders or files to have scanned or your entire device.

Even when you move files from your laptop or other device onto your Fire, it has the ability to scan them.

Additionally, if any of your apps have higher permissions than necessary to get past Dr.Web’s filters, a security audit tool will notify you.

Though it lacks some of the features of ESET’s security auditing tool, it can still identify hidden applications with administrative permissions and weak settings.

Nevertheless, many Dr.Web features are incompatible with Fire devices. But still, it’s a good program to remove malware from Kindle Fire tablets at a lower price.

For example, the anti-theft tools allow you to remotely monitor your tablet but do not allow you to track its location.

It’s also disappointing that TotalAV makes it easy for you to manage your protections from a web-based dashboard.

The fact that Dr Web can be purchased as a one-time purchase without a subscription is my favourite feature of it.

You can get the firewall, security auditing tool, and more with the full version of Dr.Web.

For a single year, it costs $36.40, or $42.94 if purchased all at once. You have the option to secure one or five devices.


No doubt, Dr.WEBB offers you the most affordable security against any viruses or threats that you may encounter while using your device. I would recommend going with this program if you are too tight on budget.

Overall Score




  • Affordable basic plan
  • Full protection
  • Fast


  • Not too many advanced features like other programs on our list


Indeed, to keep your Kindle Fire tablet safe, you need a top antivirus program. It runs the Fire OS, an Android operating system, and is susceptible to malware infection when it browses the internet or downloads apps.

If you aren’t protecting your Kindle Fire with a trustworthy antivirus, you could become infected. The following signs could point to an infection:

  • Inefficient operation when using your Kindle
  • Pop-up advertisements that were previously unknown to you
  • Modifications to your web browser’s settings, like your homepage
  • Recurring crashes when using applications
  • Excessive battery usage even when your Kindle is not in use.

Although you can, I advise downloading a built-in Kindle antivirus app from the Amazon app store.

Because the Fire OS on the Kindle is based on Android, you can run apps from the Google Play store and access the best Android antiviruses.

But because these apps aren’t designed for the Kindle Fire, you might experience crashes and unpredictable outcomes.


To secure your Kindle running on Fire OS, it’s essential to have a reliable antivirus Since Fire OS is based on Android, it’s susceptible to virus infections when downloading apps or browsing the web. I highly recommend going with TotalAV which offers maximum protection at a very reasonable price.

If you want a cheaper yet flexible option, then go with Dr.WEBB which costs around $8 a year to fully protect your Fire tablet.

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